Guys at clubs (yeeuck).

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Guys at clubs.

What makes you think that I am going to go home with you? Yeah even if your dick really was that big, I still would not go home with you. I don’t go home with guys. These cavemen just can’t seem to comprehend this. "But why? Why wont you go home with me and fuck me?" Do men think that all girls are whores? This is depressing. This is why I wont go back to the barracks with you, asshole:

I have tried it both ways. I have tried being a slut. I have gone home with a couple of guys that I really liked (on separate occasions) and had sex with them, only to be kicked out at 7am the next morning. I have tried to be a good little girl, not even giving the guy that I like a kiss. He never calls. I have tried the happy medium (where I feel most comfortable) with a bit of fooling around. Still, he never calls.

How big are my tits you ask? How big is your dick? Is your dick big enough to please me? Not just once superman, but many times? Is your dick big enough to live up to all the stories you tell me about yourself? Is your dick big enough to pick up the phone and call me the next day? Is your dick big enough to treat me like a lady? Is your dick big enough for a commitment? Is your dick big enough to say "I love you"?

I didn’t think so. Kiss my ass, and go home with your hand.