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I am slowly loosing faith in the whole idea of relationships, for a number of reasons. But the one that I find the most disheartening it the misleading act that men put on the first few months in a relationship. This is most likely done because they figure they have to be on their best behavior in the beginning or they will not possibly stand a chance. Humph. Yeah you really would not have stood a chance if you did not to lie to me about your personality.

Is it just me, (this can go for women too) or are men completely different people the second month of the relationship than say in the ninth? They figure if they can keep the wool pulled over your eyes for more than three months they are set. Then, when they get comfortable they start showing their true colors. Out comes the attitude, the controlling behavior, the illnesses, the anger and the neurotic bullshit. I am sick and tired of the lies.

Then, it even still progresses. Your man of more than twelve months will start to: scratch his balls in front of you, eat like a fucking pig, stop shaving/showering, fart in your face and laugh, whine about helping around the house, act like a baby etc. etc. etc.

Why? Why all of the bullshit? I have been completely disillusioned by this misleading behavior I have encountered in nearly all the men I have gone out with. Everything will just be completely blissful for the first few months, then a little later all of a sudden it's like "Uhm honey, sorry I did not let you know before, but I am a manipulative asshole and the only way I could get you to go out with me was to pretend that I was someone totally different." Thanks for wasting three months of my life, asshole.

Furthermore, you ever notice that when you are initially dating a guy he is falling all over himself to make sure that you are happy? He brings you flowers, takes you wherever you want to go and seems to always be in a good mood. He never forgets to call and he is always on time. Again, four months later he: 1) does not really care what makes you happy, and is too lazy to make any plans therefore leaving all the date planning to you. 2) Never brings you flowers or *anything* for that matter. 3) Complains about having to come pick you up 4) Becomes grumpy/whiny about every little fucking thing. 5) Forgets to call because he was "busy" doing something else. 6) Never on time, and sometimes does not even show up.

Why can't a guy be on his best behavior *all* of the time? Why Can't I be courted through the *entirety* of the relationship?

This is bullshit. This is why I don't *want* a relationship anymore. I am tired of this crap. Guys always bitch and complain about girls who play games. I am not one to play games, I never have been - but now I know why women *do* play games. Women play games to keep men fucking interested.