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It seems my little website has taken on a life of its own. I thank you all for visiting, and leaving your lovely little notes in my guestbook. Yes even you too, Navy Sailor, who’s idiocy has only given my site more press and popularity! YAY! I think Perhaps soon I shall put up a message board, so you all can have at one another while I am away. I find it all quite liberating actually. And no I am not whining. I am venting. Whining is something men have perfected to an art.




It sounds like you just want a man to be everything you want. That seems pretty selfish. Anyone who wants to get into a relationship wants to NOT be independent and has to "put up" with the other.

Why shouldn’t I have a man who is everything I want? I mean, its not like you are going to settle for some stupid ugly fat chick, right? I don’t have to "put up" with anything that I don’t want to. Just because I am female does not mean I have to endure the fallacies of your sex.

You lost your virginity at 14. Wow, how did you hang on to it for soooo long? You also didn't really want to have sex with a guy but you gave in.

Yawn. Yeah I gave in because I made the mistake of believing the whole "I love you" and "I am soo interested in you" bullshit. After all, I was only 14( 15 actually, dipshit).

Maybe if you didn't have sex with everyone you thought you liked/loved then they might stick around longer, or you might get someone that doesn't just want you for sex. You also seem to meet guys through people screw you up.

Another thing that pisses me off about you men. Just because I say that I have sex with one person, you automatically assume that I am having sex with the world. Maybe if men did not try to hump every girl that they meet there might be hope for true love.

And what do you really want out of a relationship? Do you really know? You say you thought of marrying some guy and later told him you didn't want a commitment.

I want what any sane female wants out of a relationship. Something that is beyond your scope of comprehension. Love, Loyalty, Good Sex (well obviously not the sex part). And just because I turned one guy down for marriage does not mean that I don’t ever want to get married.

I hope you find someone that isn't a total loser, like some of the guys you mentioned, but you need to get your own things in order.

Gee thanks.

"There is no bigger turn off to me than a man who is weak and can't handle the ups and downs of life."

Writing a whiny, bitching website is much better.

It is much better. I can vent here, in the privacy of my anonymous website and not have to subject it to some moron like yourself in real life. Thank you for your time.