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02_01.gif (921 bytes)I am 24 years old, and I am female. No I am not a lesbian. I don't have any kids and I am emotionally and mentally well.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I live in the cesspool of Southern California.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I work part time doing clerical stuff, and go to college part time as a Liberal Arts Major (no I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet). I have over fifty college credits, but I dont know what to do with them.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I plan to go into the Navy. And fuck all you guys who have been telling me that I can't handle it, and that it is going to break me. Fuck you.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I am not at all this bitter or abrasive in real life. I am actually, what I think to be what every guy loves. I am easy going, extremely feminine, and even shy. I am also, unfortunately a bit easy.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I consider myself to be very pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous. I have been told by several men that I am "a hottie" etc etc etc. But I wonder if all that is a bunch of bullshit so they can get a bj.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I am an only child. I love both my parents dearly, and I am still very close to them.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)I am kinky. I like sex. I like to be touched. I like attention. I love men. I hate men. I want to have the perfect ever-lasting romance someday. I know it will never happen. I still hope. I hate people. I am fickle. I am confused. I am lost.

02_01.gif (921 bytes)Uhhmmm …. That is all for now folks.

Hell no I am not going to put my pic up here!