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I have dated many men in my time, and I must say that men have PMS too. In fact, they have it *worse* than females do in most cases. We (and not *all* women get PMS mind you) have this ailment usually for a few days out of a month. Men, on the other hand seem to be grumpy, sarcastic or whiny all of the time. Having to put up with the stomach wrenching pain of menstrual cramps and the attitude of a man is enough to drive a girl crazy.

You ever feel like you are going to loose it ladies, when your husband comes home from work bitching about their job for the umpteenth time? How about when you go out, and when one minor thing goes wrong and your boyfriend freaks out and turns into psycho-asshole? This is what I am talking about. Men have a fucking attitude about everything, whether be it because they can’t pick up some girl at a bar or because they are stuck in a dead end job. They seem to think that we *like* to listen to them complain/bitch/moan about everything. There is no bigger turn off to me than a man who is weak and can't handle the ups and downs of life.

Everyone has bad days, and everyone has problems with life, but I will be damned if I am going to let some fuckhead think he can take it out on me. Guys, we are not your freakin doormats. If you can't handle life, too bad - I don't give a flying shit about it. I don't want to hear you cry everyday about how your family abused you, or about how horrible your day it work was, or how you cannot get a piece of ass. Grow up, and leave your damned attitude at home before you take me out.