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Men love to whine and moan about how girls always go out with "losers". This may be true for some, but I have a gripe of mine own about who men go out with. It is a proven fact that nearly every man, if given the chance will fuck anything that spreads its legs for him. Then, they whine about not being able to get a "decent" girlfriend. Hello?!? Do you think I am going to go out with you, knowing that you fuck everything that so much as moves? No I am not.

I will not even consider a relationship with a guy who is known for being a whore. This is what saddens me the most of all. The difference between men and women, the major rift between us so it seems. All men want is a fuck. Women want love. Sure, I like sex, in fact I like it very much - but I am not going to fuck anything that comes my way just because I can. Men on the other hand will, whether it be some ugly prostitute or a librarian, if it is there, they will do it.

If given two women, one a smart and pretty girl who is not willing to have sex until she has some sort of commitment and a sleazy white-trash barfly who has screwed the entire town - who do you think he will fuck first? I have seen many of my friends dumped, left, and cheated on just because they will not give it up, or simply because of the fact that he was horny and "it was there". This is bullshit, we are not some "pieces of meat" merely for your damn pleasure guys, and don't get all upset when a girl does not want to fuck you right away. Why not try using some willpower and holding out for something that *means* something?

There are some of us who do like to have sex on the first date, or shortly after. These girls are screwed as well. A great deal of girls have sex early because they feel if they give the guy everything he wants that he will want her more. She does this in hopes to keep him for the long run. But alas, like holding out, this technique does not work either. If you fuck a guy early on, chances are he will loose respect for you as well as interest and move onto other territory.

You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't with a guy. So you might as well forget about ever having a decent relationship because men cannot help but to think with their dicks.