Stupid fucking people online.

(its not just men I hate).


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This is a little story that I am DYING to get off of my chest. Sometimes I hang out on AOL chatrooms. Because I have a thing for "military men" I usually go to the military lovers chatroom. I meet a lot of interesting people there to say the least. Most of which are scumbags. No wait, all of them are scumbags. Anyways, this one guy, Nightflame0276 starts IMing me. For the most part I ignored him for the longest time. After a while I started talking to him. He seemed like a half-way decent guy. He saw a couple of my pics on my profile and told me that I was beautiful, and really started to lay it on me. I gave into it. Keith (which is his real name supposedly) said that he was coming to CA shortly to see family, and that he wanted to meet me. He also told me that he was this big macho gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps (which I have since learned is total BS, cause he is only 24.). Additionally he was supposedly a war hero and a former drill instructor. I was elated, I believed him. I then looked at his profile which said "with someone". I inquired about it, and he said it was old news and that he had just not got around to changing his profile. He even called me on the phone, and we talked for a little bit. I was really excited about meeting this guy. Keith seemed different from the others. He asked me for some pics, and I sent him some. They were rather sexy pictures. Then he asked for more, and I sent him more. The next day I get them back in an email from his girlfriend stating "I think these are yours." I was mortified. Then to make matters worse she starts IMing with this "why are you hitting on my boyfriend?" crap. I told her to talk to him about it. I guesse he lied out of his ass, cause she believes that I set the whole thing up. To this day, more than a month later, she still IMs me nearly every other day starting shit with me. She uses her boyfriends screen name, trying to pretend she is him to see if she can get any dirt on. This psycho-bitch Terri changes screen-names nearly every week so she sneak past my block list. She tries to pretend that she is "nightflame’s" friend to get me to talk shit. This is driving me INSANE. See it’s not just men that I hate, but their idiotic girlfriends that I hate too.

I am constantly being bombarded online with IM’s and PM’s from pigs. "Do you have any pics?", "How big are your tits?". Yeah sure I think I have nice tits, but how come none of these guys want to know anything about me? I guesse it does not matter really. As long as it has big tits and a slit it’s all good, right guys?