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02_03.gif (976 bytes)Everything seems to be all about pussy with them. How much they can get, how quick they can get it and for how cheap. Yeah I like sex too, but I also have other words in my vocabulary like "relationship" and "cuddle".

02_03.gif (976 bytes)When in-groups they act like a bunch of cavemen. When with you, they act completely different. Six months later, you realize he really is Cro-Magnon man.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They never keep their promises. You can forget about that trip next year, or his promise to "never hurt you."

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They ask me out, but then never call. Why do they fucking do this?

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They always give me some pussy-ass bullshit about being "afraid to fall in love" with me. Spineless fools, are not willing to take a risk.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They all seem to want a mommy. Guys think that it is my duty to care of them. Not bloody likely. Cook and clean your own damn house. And get back under the truck!

02_03.gif (976 bytes)Men are weak. They always are bitching and moaning about something, just listen.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)When I am nice to a guy, he thinks that means I like him. When I turn him down I suddenly become a "teasing bitch".

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They say the same crap to every girl they meet. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." Etc etc etc. Then they wonder why we roll our eyes at them.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They never call, they are never on time and they can’t remember shit.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They constantly talk about themselves and don’t ever seem to be interested in what makes me tick.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They are extremely shallow. They want a drop dead gorgeous woman who is smart and a slut. Yeah, keep dreaming.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)I don’t want the ones that want me and the ones that I want don’t want me. That is life though I guess.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)They look too damn good in uniform. It is not fair.

02_03.gif (976 bytes)I live in a small town outside of Los Angeles, and it seems almost impossible for a guy to come the distance to take me out. They bitch and whine about how "far away" I live. If you want a bj, put a little effort in asshole!