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    If foul language, male bashing and other such things offend you then you best leave. This is a collection of my own personal rants and thoughts about the aberration known as "dating". I do not hate men as a whole, but I hate them as potential mates/suitors. So if you are so inclined, read on.

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  Why I hate men. A few rants by me.

The list - a growing list.
Men have PMS too - put up or shut up jerk.
They will fuck anything - put a bag over her head and fuck her for glory!
Courting - I don't even know why they bother.

Stupid people online - (new) Leave me ALONE!!!
Guys at clubs - (new) How big is your dick?

     Other Junk.

The Catalogue - Meet my ex's.
You know he is a loser on the first date when - every girl should read this. My Diary -
(updated) See how the current guys I am dating make a fool of me.
About Me - Nothing special really.

     Links to live by.

Heartless Bitches International - Go there, it is not just male bashing either. Men - Speaks for itself really.

Male Bashers Ring